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Summer 2014 Tour Dates

     June:                                 July:                          August:

  • Weds. June 4                                                              Weds. July 2                                                      Sat. Aug. 2
    Blue Heron Restaurant & Pub                              Blue Heron Restaurant & Pub                                       Farmer's Market
    Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00PM                                 Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00PM                                  Santa Rosa, CA | 9:00AM
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    Sat. June 7                                                                   Sat. July 5                                                       Sun. Aug. 3
    Napa Farmer's Market                                          Santa Rosa Farmer's Market                                      Farmer's Market
    Napa, CA | 9:00AM                                                Santa Rosa, CA | 9:00AM                                    Windsor, CA | 10:00AM
     Fri. June 13                                                                 Sat. July 12                                                     Weds. Aug. 6
    Hopmonk Beer Garden                                             Napa Farmer's Market                                   Blue Heron Restaurant & Pub
    Novato, CA | 5:00PM                                                  Napa, CA | 9:00AM                                      Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00PM
     Sat. June 14                                                                 Sat. July 12                                                     Sat. Aug. 9
    Ruth McGowan's Pub                                                    Track 7 Brewery                                              A'Roma Roaster's
    Cloverdale, CA | 8:00PM                                          Sacramento, CA | 6:00PM                                 Santa Rosa, CA | 8:00PM
    Wed. June 18                                                              Weds. July 16                                                  Weds. Aug. 20
    The Blue Heron Restaurant                                    Blue Heron Resaurant & Pub                             Blue Heron Restaurant & Pub
    Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00PM                                   Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00PM                               Duncans Mills, CA | 6:00M
    Fri. June 20                                                                   Fri. July 18                                                      Fri. Aug. 22
    Occidental Farmer's Market                                    Redwood Curtain Brewery                                         Farmer's Market
    Occidental, CA | 4:00PM                                            Arcata, CA | 8:00PM                                       Santa Rosa, CA | 9:00AM
    Sat. June 21                                                                 Sun. July 20                                                     Sat. Aug, 23
    McConnell Winery Estates                                   Emerald Empire's HEMP FEST                                    Farmer's Market
    Elk Grove, CA | 5:00PM                                              Eugene, CA | 12:00PM                                    Marinwood, CA | 9:00AM
    Fri. June 27                                                                   Sat. July 26                                                     Sun. Aug. 24
    Forestville Club (CD Release Show)                           Sweetwater Music Hall                                           Fermentation Fest
    Forestville, CA | 9:00PM                                          Mill Valley, CA | 11:00AM                                   Santa Rosa, CA | 12:00PM
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Current NEWS:

 Jacob Green will be releasing his highly anticipated 2nd installment of the Roots Revival Trilogy Series.

"Roots Revival Vol. 2 : In Time" will be released on June 27, 2014 just In Time for the Summer Season.

A CD Relase Show will be Held at The Forestville Club in Foresteville, CA on June 27th at 9pm.

$5 = Cover or $10 = Cover + New Album, Facebook Event: Here

"All my Blues" Single now available on iTunes!


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